How to max out your Buzz Rating in Cafe World

Published: 19th January 2010
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If it takes patrons of your cafe a long time to find a place to sit, they will not certainly give you a thumbs up Buzz rating. More doors will mean your customers get to their seats faster so put in more than 1 at the very least. 3 is optimal.

- Quick Service
Your restaurant layout is important. Waiters must not take too long to serve the customers and clear the tables. Clear dishes before the next customer sits down. Your Buzz Rating will go down if you fail to do that. Go ahead and trap your waiters to reduce waiting.

- Grub
on counters. Hungry patrons walking out without eating will definitely kill your Buzz Rating. If you are out of food, pull out the door to buy you time to prepare more. You can also pull up a table to block the door. This is a good time to pull out Food gifts to buy you more time.

-Placement of furnishings
Servers cannot access tables from behind customers' backs. Waiters require at least a unit clearance on one side to serve food Are you wondering why your customers are leaving without eating (thus killing your Buzz Rating) , it isn't that your help is l. They cant reach the customers ! Make sure you leave clearance in front of or the side of the customers table so they can be served.

- Waiting Time
When your customers are standing by the door waiting, they will mark you down. Make sure you have enough tables to handle the high volume. Grow your cafe organically. Do not waste money on 30 tables at one go.

- Log in (for players with low Buzz rating)
If your Buzz Rating is low and looking to get it up, you will need to be logged in Cafe World to allow it to climb. Once you shut down, your Buzz Rating stays where it is until the next time you log in. It may climb a few points while logged out but it will certainly climb a lot faster while logged in. Its certainly possible to get Buzz Rating from low tens to 105 in a matter of 5 hours by simply adhering to these simple rules

- Log in (for players with high/max Buzz rating)
if your Buzz Rating is already maxed out, do not play the game unattended. Leave enoughfood on counters and exit your cafe. Don't stay in the game because things can go wrong. You may run out of food while the program is running Customers will leave angry and kill your Buzz Rating. Your Buzz Rating remains even if you run out of food while you are away. The next time you log back in, do a quick check on amount of food. If you see counters are empty when you log in, quickly go to the customize mode and pull out the doors. I am not a fan of blocking doors with objects because customers can still exit the cafe even though the doors are blocked from the inside. You want to prevent unhappy customers from leaving. So pull out the doors.

When these issues have been looked at, its important you leave the program running for 5 hours to let the Buzz Rating increase.

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